ARDESIA is an experimental project funded by the INFN National Scientific Committee V, to realize an X-ray Spectroscopy detection system for synchrotron experiments based on arrays of Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD).
The project starts in 2015.

The goal of ARDESIA is the development of a new detection system based on arrays of Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) with low noise, high energy resolution and high count rates for synchrotron radiation fluorescence X-ray spectroscopy applications.  At the moment industrially produced SDD have a limited number of channels. ARDESIA will produce an array of detectors starting from single modules with 4 SDD detectors that can be combined to achieve the desired geometries and number of channels.
The detector will be based on monolithic arrays of Silicon Drift Detectors and the readout on a low-noise CMOS preamplifier (CUBE) which allows to achieve very high resolution at short shaping times.
The SDDs arrays will be produced at FBK laboratories in Trento, Italy.



ARDESIA Schematic view